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How to Get Truck Finance

4 months ago I got a truck financed. I paid 4700 down. Its been more than four months and my finance company tells me I can not get the title so they can not get registered. I keep getting the run around saying they should have next week. I was told to drive the truck without her "worst case you get a ticket and we will buy it" when I refused, they told me to send it back but I would lose all ive paid so far more than 6,000. What can I do. What I discovered was – apparently being treated and inept financial company. . However. . I've never heard of a financial company has the task to get a degree or get plates for it? That's usually the job owner / buyer of the right are not driving this truck. The financial institution that has told you to drive like a idiot and has no idea. If it were me, I would file a complaint with my state consumer protection office, my DMV, the local BBB, the Banking Commission for your state and I was more happened.

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One Response to “How to Get Truck Finance”

  1. Go to a bank and see if they will fund it for you instead of those idiots.