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Finance Equipment For Your Business

I'm looking for loans to finance a detail (ongoing 26 years) existing business. What's for sale is the busienss name of the company, the team and the customer for $ 27,500. I have some debit personal credit card, but my score is pretty good. I do not own anything, but a small masonry company today and 2 vehicles. I like / think using the detailing business established as collateral would be enough to get a loan? All ideas, thoughts, advice? Tom_gpp >>> You mean a score of 620 or better good. From what I can tell … Most likely, you can do this through an SBA loan. You will need the business' tax returns and interim financial statements. They are usually pretty easy to get a decent credit (which are guaranteed by the U.S. Government), so if you have a good score should be established. Your local bank can usually help you with this. This link is also useful ***: Do not listen to these idiots "macro loan." It reaks of scam.

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  1. Sounds like you are buying a business "service." I just do this for a preparation workshop. Although, I have good credit also had a hard time getting a loan from a service business too. Keep trying. I had to go through 3 to myself. Do you belong to a bank credit union? Those are usually the best opcin.Una service should only ask what the business about a year ago the team. That's it. Make sure you look at their books. You have that option because you are a buyer serio.Tuve to put my personal items to purchase a service. Just all depends on how good your credit is. You may need to start your existing business to get the loan. You can talk to a loan officer at any bank for free. They usually have good advice for you, since that's what they do.