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Finance Equipment For Your Business

I am a runner with a small firm in Colorado finance and business owners that need refrigeration equipment ranging from trucks to computers and office furniture. I'm getting mixed results with cold calling-I have had some success, but it's hard to hit all at the right time. I tried some other sources-mainly Craigslist-but it has been difficult to handle, because you can only post there much. I know there are thousands of companies nationwide that would benefit banks and funding sources we work in the form of lower rates and service provided. My question is: What is the best way to find a potential client without calling and writing and irritation mostly all business owners in the U.S. Usually? What are the best ways for me to find business owners I know are looking for funding? Are there websites dedicated to people looking for funding, such as Prosper? Any help is greatly appreciated. Carla will be almost impossible to find financing under personal credit and be a start. Basically … You can try advertising in different publications.

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  1. I have tried to get money to start my trucking business, but have been rejected due to any business credit and personal credit downgrades. Do you think I can qualify for funding? Please contact me as soon as possible. I need a 24-foot flatbed