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I'm taking a finance class introduction and I can not get a grip on the free cash flow. I understand that is completely different from the benefits, but do not understand exactly what your. Our book also says there is a financial point of view and active, but both offer the same answer. What is the best way to understand the free cash flow. I was so happy to find this – I'm not a finance person, but the way I think about the free cash flow is as follows: EBITDA – Cap X = Free Cash Flow Operating cash flow is Depreciation- EBIT Taxes + by representing the cash that a company has at its disposal to grow and expand, but the way that Free Cash Flow is an additional gloss is that by reducing the OCF X Cap needed to maintain current business, you are left with the cash a company generates that can be used to expand or do other things (hence, so its called "free." can you find good definitions by searching the term "Flow free cash "on www. Yahoo. Com / category.

Asset finance is proving increasingly popular asset purchases. Rob Warlow, author of "Loan Sharp: Get …

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